Updates for Mrs. Angela Chiu

(Mon Feb 29)
Dear brothers and sisters,
这是趙師母的近况: Angela is getting better. She can walk few steps without the walker. However, the swollen, stiffness n pus on her leg still persists. We were told by the doctor that they can do nothing about it. We are thinking about going back to Toronto for further medial care. Please pray for us.
Angel Heart Team

(Mon Feb 6)
Dear brothers and sisters,
Angela was discharged from the hospital late last night. She was given antibiotic and went home. Rev. Chiu’s preaching went well too yesterday, even though he was very tired. Please continue to pray for them.
Angel Hearts Team.

(Sat Feb 4)
請為趙舜民師母Angela 禱告。她在Costa Rica 病倒了。願她早日康復。另外,她的父親剛在港主懷安息。求主保守安慰她。

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