News Aug 9, 2015

Welcome ALL to Worship!
If this is your first time at Logos, please visit our Welcome Table and kindly sign up in our guest book!

Next Sunday EM/YM Joint Summer Life Together Worship Speaker
Pastor Howard Ngan

Sunday Service
Our Sunday worship starts at 11:30 a.m. with a period of 15 minutes for us to pray and reflect. We encourage you to make use of this time to prepare your hearts to worship and enjoy the presence of God.

EM/YM Summer Joint Worship —Summer Life Together
Morning Life Sharing session begins at 9:30 in B12 and the worship session starts at 11:30 in the gym.

Fall Learning Communities!
Learn – Counter-Culture
We are called to live in the world but not be of it. We are constantly faced with controversial topics such as human trafficking, poverty, homosexuality, and racism. We will be exchanging ideas to find a Christ perspective on these issues. While we may not be able to find solutions, it will be an opportunity to dialogue on these important issues so that we can be prepared.

Develop – Small Group Dynamics
What could a Christ-centered and effective small group community look like? Curious? Look no further!
This course is the place to learn how it can be and the principles and components that help to create a community that flourishes for the Kingdom!

Apply – Sermon Discussions
We often attend a sermon and do not digest the great meal well. This is a community place where you can further discuss the topics and truth shared in our Sunday sermons. This community is designed to not only further discussions on the sermons but learn various perspectives on the same topic!

EM Small Groups REFRESH!
Questions and Answers:
Q – What is going to happen to the present CARE Groups after the REFRESH?
A – Till September 11th, all the CARE Groups (aka EM Small Groups) will continue. After September 11th, there will be new Small Groups with new leaders and members. The present CARE Groups will not continue. This includes all other present small groups in EM as well. New Start. New Beginning. SG REFRESHED!

For more information on the SG REFRESH, please see Kenny or Rev. George Mah. Get excited!

Finance Department
Offering reports for July and Jan-Jul 2015 YTD are now posted on the bulletin board outside main office. Please check your records for reconciliation.

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