Prayer Aug 2, 2015

For our Church Community

Please continue to pray for the summer programs sponsored by the government :

    1. Continue to pray for our English Leadership Camp. We have 29 students participating in the first session, and 28 in the second. Pray for the continued relationships that are being built as well as opportunities to share God moments with the campers.
    2. Pray for Mandarin the 2 summer camps for New Comers — Jul 13-24 and Aug 4-14. We have 7 students attending in the first session, and 9 students in the second. We also pray for the preparation for another day camp from Aug 17-20.
    3. Pray for the preparation for the VBS Camp from Aug 17 to 21.
  1. Pray for the upcoming Deacons’ meeting on Aug 8.
  2. Pray for the “Nomination of 2016 Church Council” that God will prepare suitable candidates to sit in the Nomination Committee.
  3. Continue to pray for the recruitment of a Children Ministry Pastor and a Women Ministry Pastor.
  4. May God revive the hearts of brothers and sisters to participate in our church prayer meetings.
  5. Pray for a safe and blessed summer as we spend time with friends and family, especially this August Long Weekend.
  6. Please pray for the implementation of the new Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum. We pray that God will continue to be in control of the lesson plan so our young students can obtain the best learning at school.

For God’s Kingdom

  1. Please pray for Missionary Jamie Mo. Recently her doctor has found the cancer cells have been spreading to her lungs, thus most likely she requires chemotherapy. We pray that God can heal her and also the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will comfort her family members in Jesus Christ during this difficult time.
  2. Please pray for John and Ruth Chan missioning in Germany, since there are tremendous needs currently for children ministry, yet they are in lack of resources and experiences. We also pray for the safety and health for their family members in Toronto.
  3. Please continue to pray for Victor and Grace in Mozambique :
    1. The discipleship program and children ministry which they are helping out with.
    2. Thanks to God that Grace completed her two-week training on strategic ways of starting a movement of believers among unreached groups.
    3. For their heart in this spiritual battle, pray that the Lord will open doors for them to lead people to Christ.

Congregational Needs

  1. Pray for our English Leadership Camp as we have just completed our first week of the second session. Pray for the continued relationships that are being built as well as opportunities to share God moments with the campers.
  2. Continue to pray for those who are feeling sick and those who are going through a tough time in their lives.
  3. Continue to pray for the EM / YM Summer Life Together Small Groups in the morning and the combined worship time at 11:30.
  4. Pray for the ongoing and upcoming Short Term Mission trips in English Ministry, may God use these experiences to further His kingdom through our Brothers and Sisters going to Trinidad, Panama, PEI, Thailand, and other locations!
  5. Pray for the upcoming launch of the Refreshed English Small Groups on September 11th.
  6. Pray for our graduating Grade 12 students as they begin a new phase of life in their post-secondary education careers.


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