Prayer Items Aug 6, 2017

For our Church Community

  1. The 2017 theme for our Church is “Arise & Build”, focusing on Disciple Making. May God continue to lead our church, so our families can continue to grow spiritually, mentally and physically.
  2. Please pray for the Deacons Board Meeting on Aug. 6th.
  3. Please pray for the evaluation of the candidate for Senior Pastor.
  4. Please pray for the Sunday Shuttle Bus Service for the seniors in Mon Sheong Court and Casa Del Sol. May these services can encourage them to join our Sunday Service and Sunday school.
  5. Pray for our Logos Leadership and Children Camp. We pray for the co-workers and participants for their safety, their experiences, and that they experience God in new and powerful ways through this ministry.
  6. Pray for the Nomination Committee of 2018 Church Council. May God continue to lead those who had been elected to sit in the committee.
  7. Please pray for brothers and sisters who are getting married this year.
  8. Please pray for the families in our church and those who are expecting.
  9. Please also pray for those who will be out of town to enjoy the long weekend Civic Holiday. May God keep them with a safe and blessing journey.
  10. May God revive the hearts of brothers and sisters to participate in our church prayer meetings.

For God’s Kingdom

  1. Please remember our English mission experiences in prayer.
    Urban Promise (August 6th–11th) led by Deacon Tim Ho and the other members include Andrew Cheung, Christopher Lung, Steven Lau, and Hudson Wu.
  2. We thank God for the safe return to Toronto for the STM team from Trinidad. The team had led a number of children and young kids to believe in Jesus, and had experienced fruitfully in the whole process. We thank heartily for those who had prayed for them during the whole mission.
  3. Please pray for the STM team to Panama from Sept. 27th to Oct. 9th. We pray for the team’s preparation work and the recruitment of more team members who have passion and interest in witnessing God’s work through this mission.
  4. Please remember Rev. and Mrs. Andrew Lee in your prayers. Praise God that Mary received medical reports last month, and her health is getting better. Mary’s mom is now recovering at home after her discharge from the hospital in Vancouver with a successful surgery (pacemaker at her heart) in June. Please continue to pray for the need of Mary’s mom a medical recovery and the decision of the family. Please pray for Andrew who will be staying in Hong Kong to serve and is building more connections with people and churches interested in Africa.  Please also pray for Samuel, Rev. Lee’s son, as he will be leading a STM trip for Thailand later July, aiming at coaching young people for mission.

Congregational Needs

  1. Pray for our EM prayer meetings on every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 PM in room B03 that people will be encouraged to participate in them.
  2. Pray for this year’s Summer Life Together, the time with community between EM and YM, and the Grade 6s who will be joining us for Summer Life Together and their transition into EM.
  3. Pray for our upcoming congregational BBQ on Sunday, August 13th as we enjoy a wonderful meal and community time together.
  4. Pray for our Katalyst High School Fellowship as they meet on Friday, August 11th for Worship Reflection Night. Also, pray for students who are graduating from Junior High, High School, or University and are transitioning into the next phase of life. May God continue to support them and guide them in the next steps.
  5. Pray for our Refresh Fellowship as they will meet on Friday, August 11th for Meet and Greet with the Grade 12 Students.
  6. Pray for our Philia Junior High School Fellowship as they have Grade 8 Graduation BBQ on Saturday, August 12th.
  7. Praise God for our Logos Team Arise CCSA Softball ministry Pray for the safety of the players, opportunities to invite and minister to new friends.
  8. Continue to pray for those who are feeling sick and those who are going through a tough time in their lives.
  9. Pray for our Sister Natalie Chan who is continuing her treatment for Cancer.

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