Short Term Mission Team to Trinidad (Updates)

Short Term Mission Team to Trinidad

Date:July 22 – Aug 5, 2017

Leaders:Pastor Priscilla Lee, Church Councilor Flora Ho
Members:Peck Yip, Alex Mak, Katy Tsang, Angelina Chan, Elizabeth Chan, Judy Tong, Belinda Wong, Peggy Chan, and Kenneth Yeung

Prayer items/Updates | Commissioning | Preparation

Prayer items/Updates

Aug 4

1) Thank God for all the work He has done through us during our time with the children, youth, and families in Trinidad. May God be glorified.
2) Praise God for giving each of us a serving heart and an unified teamwork in Him.
3) Thank God for His protection during our time in Trinidad.

1) Pray the revival of the brothers and sisters in Trinidad Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Chen and his wife.
2) Pray for the youth to remember what they learned from the camp and share it with their parents.
3) Pray for the youth to continue to strengthen their relationship with God by reading their Bibles.
4) Pray for a safe flight for Pastor Priscilla, Angelina, and Flora.

Bible Starquest: The Relationship Continues

Big Party with the children & youth!

Praise God we completed the 2 weeks mission by His grace and guidance.


Aug 3

1) Praise God for the good relationships we have built with the campers and also the relationships they have built with one another.
2) Praise God for Pastor Chen and his wife who have been dedicating their life to serve the church in Trinidad.

1) Pray for the families in Trinidad to seek after God and obey His Word.
2) Pray for the local big brothers and sisters who are able to continue to invest in the children and youth in the church.
3) Pray for a good ending tomorrow as we spend our last day with them.

Bible Starquest – The Relationship Restored

The campers received the gifts that our LBC Grade 3 class made for them

Our daily evening meetings to reflect on the day and plan for Friday


Aug 2

1) Praise God one of the youth’s parent decided to follow Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour and confirmed his faith.
2) Praise God we had another great day at VBS with good teamwork, the youth improving their leadership skills, and the children are actively participating.

Galactic Cafe – Making our own individualized pizza

Starveyors Clubhouse – Putting together puzzle pieces to discover the big picture

Explosive Praise – Learning the song of the day, “God is Over the Moon”

1) Pray for Pastor Priscilla, Flora and Kenneth as they travel to San Fernando (about 1 hour away from St. Joseph’s) to do visitation. Pray for safety and opportunities to witness for God.
2) Pray for the youth leaders to continue their good work and be a good role models to the children.
3) Pray for the children to be open and ready to accept Jesus and restore their relationship with God tomorrow.


Aug 1

1) Praise God the visitation team met and dialogued with 4 families and praise the Lord 1 person decided to believe in Jesus.
2) Praise God the youth are demonstrating more leadership skills and are able to self reflect on their strengths and areas for improvement.
3) Thank God all the craft preparations were completed today just in time for the session to start.

VBS 2017 Group Photo

The campers’ favourite game: Galaxy Hide N Seek

Craft of the Day: Constellation Viewer

1) Pray for the team to have enough rest and be energized to lead the youth and children in camp.
2) Pray for the youth leaders to improve their leadership skills as they lead skit, songs, and games.
3) Pray for the children to experience God through this camp and continue to seek after him.


July 31

1) Thank God for a great first day of VBS – the children had fun and were engaged.
2) Praise God for the willinginess, love and effort of the youth leaders to lead the children in VBS.

Bible Starquests – The Relationship Began

Starveyors Clubhouse – group discussion

Supernova Crafts – Individualized door hangers

1) Pray for Pastor Priscilla, Katy, and Elizabeth as they go out for visitation Tuesday.
2) Pray for the youth leaders and the children Tuesday as they are “searching the visible and discovering the invisible”


July 30

1) Praise God 5 newcomers came to the evangelistic meeting today. Two individuals accepted Christ and two individuals recommited themselves to Christ.
2) Praise God the new youth believers who accepted Christ at the youth camp came to Sunday worship today.

1) Pray for tomorrow as we kick start the first day of VBS. Pray for the children to experience God’s love.
2) Pray for the youth to rely on God as they lead skits, songs, and games tomorrow.

Second Sunday in Trinidad: Evangelistic Meeting

Scripture reading @ Evangelistic Meeting

The Youth Workshop on Stress Management – we made weeble wobbles!


July 29

1) Thank God the rest of the team (Kenneth, Katy and Elizabeth) arrived safely to Trinidad.
2) Thank God for giving us a day of rest and visit the local market and shopping mall.
3) Praise God for the hospitality of Pastor Chen and wife, and local brothers and sisters who frequently bought us all kinds of fruit.

Elizabeth, Katy, and Kenneth safety landed in Trinidad!

Welcome dinner for the newly arrivals

1) Pray for the evangelistic meeting tomorrow. Pray for Pastor Priscilla as she delievers God’s word and pray for the people to respond to God’s gift of salvation.
2) Pray for the youth who accepted Jesus to come worship with us tomorrow.
3) Pray for the team to have a goodnight’s sleep and be energized for tomorrow.


July 28

1) Praise God for all the work He has done in the youth. We witness the youth genuinely caring for each other, building new relationships, and stepping out of their comfort zones.
2) Praise the Lord for keeping Pastor Priscilla, Angelina, Belinda and the visiting family safe. They witnessed the armed police capturing a criminal right in front of the family’s restaurant


1) Pray for the local big brothers and sisters who can step up and help nurture the youth campers. Pray for the youth to continue their newly built relationships with God and each other.
2) Pray for Judy and Peggy as they travel back to Toronto early Saturday morning.
3) Pray for Elizabeth, Katy, and Kenneth as they travel to Trinidad early Saturday morning and expected to arrive in Trinidad Saturday afternoon.
4) Pray for this coming Sunday’s Evangelical Meeting. Pray for God’s leading, guidance, and wisdom as the team prepares for it. Pray for many people to come and for them to encounter God.

Last day of Youth Camp! We will miss you all!

Youth sharing with each other in the appreciation circle.


July 27

1) Praise the Lord! We witnessed the work He had been doing in the 12 youths that we are serving. We see the spirit move them all to make a decision to follow Jesus.
2) Praise God Pastor Priscilla, Judy, and Peggy were able to visit 6 families today and one lady believed in Jesus.

1) Pray for the last day of youth camp. Pray for God to prepare adult leaders who can follow up with the youth and nurture their spiritual growth.
2) Pray for safety and opportunities to share the gospel for Pastor Priscilla, Angelina, and Belinda as they head out for visitations tomorrow.
3) Pray for Judy and Peggy as they prepare to leave Trinidad and go back to Toronto.
4) Pray for Elizabeth, Katy, and Kenneth as they prepare to leave Toronto. Picket lines were set up at Pearson’s Terminal 3 and the airport issues a statement for travellers to prepare for delays and possible cancellations. Pray for their safe and smooth arrival to Trinidad.

Praise the Lord! All 12 youth accepted Jesus today

Survival skills 2 – teaching the youth about the bowline knot

Closing up review and wrap up for the day!


July 26

1) We thank God the Youth camp going smoothly.
2) We praise God for the youth’s progress and willingness to breakthrough their comfort zone.
3) We thank God for the opportunity to revisit the new believer and give her a bible.

1) Pray for Pastor Priscilla, Judy and Peggy as they go out for visitation tomorrow.
2) Pray for the youth’s openness to accept Christ.
3) Pray for the health of the team and for God to keep us strong and healthy.

Morning Devo Circle with the Youth

The youth working hard to prepare for next week’s VBS Galactic Starveyors

Team building game with the youth


July 25

1) Visitation today – the trio visited 4 families. Praise God one individual accepted Christ and the others were willing to listen.
2) Praise God! We can see the youth change to become more open, involved, enjoy themselves, and show interest in God.

1) Pray for the team to draw our strength from God – may He give us strength, energy & wisdom to work together to lead the youth.
2) Pray for Amy Cmo, Pastor Priscilla, and Flora as they go to visit a mother tomorrow. Pray that they can help support the mother.
3) Pray for the youth as they learn about Jesus tomorrow. May God continue to work in them.

Career Box #2: Nursing

The youth enjoying the Canadian snacks.


July 24

1) Thank God that the youth are beginning to open up to us.
2) Thank God that the youth have learned more about themselves through the MBTI test. And one even began to change his behaviour.
3) Thank God that He is keeping us healthy and safe.

Our openning & welcoming the Youth to Leadership Camp!

Lunch time with the youth!

Learning Survival Skills – tying knots together!

1) We pray for Pastor Priscilla, Peck & Alex as they go out for visitation tomorrow – pray for safety & opportunities to share God’s love.
2) Pray for the youth to have a open heart and readiness to let the Holy Spirit stir them to discover God



July 23

Picture taken before Sunday service @ Trinidad Chinese Baptist Church

We are thankful for the good response from worship, Sunday School and workshop with the children, youth & church members.

Our prayer items for tomorrow (First Day of Youth Camp):
1) Pray for the youth to be ready and willing to come and participate
2) We pray for wisdom from God to guide us as we lead and teach the youth
3) Pray for the youth to be open and honest in sharing and discovering who they are in God’s kingdom


July 22

Picture taken at Toronto airport and Trinidad airport


We got stopped at baggage check in Trinidad. Each one had our luggages openned and checked. Praise God nothing was taken away and we were able to bring everything we packed for the Trinidad church.

Our prayer items for tomorrow:
1) Long day of travel today – pray for a good night sleep
2) Pray for God to use all the preparation we put into the worship, sunday school and workshop tomorrow
3) Pray for us as we meet the the people of the church for the first time tomorrow – may we be able to connect with them and form good relationships
4) Pray that God’s message will catch their heart tomorrow


July 16

Pray for the team to Trinidad from July 22nd to Aug 5th, as they will host a one week Youth leadership camp, one week children VBS, two worship services, workshops after worship services, visitation and an evangelistic meeting. May God grant Pastor Priscilla, brothers and sisters an abundance of God’s wisdom in preparatory works for all events and teaching materials running smoothly.







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