Prayer Items June 23, 2019

For our Church Community

  1. Our 2019 Church Sub Theme is “Fish for People” and as we continue to make disciples from “Me” (Individual) to “We” (Church) and eventually to “Others”, may we all experience how to be Fishers of People as we go and bear fruit.
  2. Praise the Lord that our church is forging ahead towards our 39th year of ministry, and we ask the Lord to continue to use us as a blessing to the community as we go and bear fruit.
  3. Pray for the church leaders and their families. We ask the Lord to inspire them to serve wholeheartedly and bless their families who support and encourage them in their ministries.
  4. Pray for the Nomination Committee of the 2020 Church Council and the Congregation Meeting on July 7th.
  5. Pray for the “I Can Only Imagine” movie discussion groups and follow up.
  6. Please pray for the ministry transition between Rev. Wilson Lu and Rev. Fred Chiu for the Mandarin ministry in the upcoming weeks.
  7. The Summer holidays are coming and we ask God to lead brothers and sisters to grasp the opportunity to go and bear fruit, so that this summer holiday are more meaningful, fruitful and more exciting.



For God’s Kingdom

  1. Pray for Rev. Lu for his mission work in Panama from July to August (2019) and the service in Alliance Bible School of Central and South America in Panama City; he will return to Toronto from Sept. to Jun. (2019-2020) to further his studies in a seminary and to share about his mission fund raising. We ask God to continue to lead him. Please also remember Mrs. Lu and their daughter as they adjust to the changes.
  2. Pray for our Logos community outreach initiatives for this upcoming summer:
    1. Remix (June 26th to June 30th)
    2. Koinonia Camp (July 8th to August 16th)
    3. LBC Carnival (July 20th)
  3. We pray for our Remix Mission Team, led by Rev. George Mah and Pastor Mike Wong from June 26 – June 30. The members of the team are Anita Hung, Ryan Chan, Roni Suen, Audrey Wong, Verena Siu, Enoch Chan, Melanie Pang, Grace Chung, Toby Lui, and Avery Chiu.
  4. Please pray for the local and overseas short-term mission opportunities that are being prepared for the second half of the year. These include David City, Panama in September 2019 and a Child/Youth Bible Camp there in January 2020.
  5. Pray for Hong Kong and those who are affected by what is occurring in the city. We ask that God’s Sovereign Hand be at work in Hong Kong during this time.



Congregational Needs

  1. Pray for our EM prayer meetings on every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7:30 pm in room B03 and that people will be encouraged to participate in them.
  2. Pray for our ongoing Summer Life Together today onwards as we go through what it means to be a “We” Church that focuses on making disciples around the world and in our neighborhoods.
  3. Pray for the Grade 6s who are transitioning into EM and YM. May it be a smooth transition as they continue to grow in and wrestle with their faith as well as realizing the importance of becoming a disciple who makes other disciples.
  4. Pray for our EM Fellowships, Katalyst (High School) and Refresh (Young Adults) as they have Off Night on Friday, June 28th and Philia (Junior High) as they have I Can Only Imagine Viewing Night on Saturday, July 13th.
  5. Pray for our sister Grace Chan who is currently battling cancer. May God grant her doctors wisdom to give her the best care.
  6. Continue to pray for those who are sick and those who are going through a tough time in their lives.




Children Ministry   

  1. Pray for those serving in children ministry. May they draw their strength and wisdom from God as they faithfully serve our church families.
  2. Pray for Wonderlight Bundles and Sonlight Bundles. Pray for our coaches. May they experience God’s blessings as they serve Him faithfully.



















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