Prayer Items

Prayer Items February 17, 2019

For our Church Community

  1. Our 2019 Church Sub Theme is "Fish for People” and as we continue to make disciples from "Me" (Individual) to "We" (Church) and eventually to "Others", may we all experience how to be Fishers of People as we go and bear fruit.
  2. Pray for the Town Hall Meeting on March 3rd, and the Deacons Board Meeting on March 10th.
  3. Pray for the church leaders and their families. We ask the Lord to inspire them to serve wholeheartedly and bless their families who support and encourage them in their ministries.
  4. Pray for Rev. Fred Chiu, who will be our Mandarin Congregation Lead Pastor. We ask the Lord to guide the transition period in Mandarin Ministry and for his guidance to Rev. Chiu.
  5. Pray for our Logos community outreach initiatives for this upcoming summer.
  6. Please continue to pray for the Church AV System Upgrade as it is now approaching the final and decisive stage. We ask the Lord for wisdom and guidance to properly manage the upgrade and to be good stewards of the Church’s resources.
  7. Due to recent flu epidemic, may God heal those who are sick and support those who are caring for loved ones.


For God’s Kingdom

  1. Pray for Rev. Wilson Lu as he will return to Panama serving in the mission field there. We ask God to continue leading all the preparation work and the support LBC Joint Missions. We ask God to keep Mrs. Lu and their daughter adapted to the environment and pray for the training and calling for more local spiritual leaders, preachers, and missionaries to serve our Lord there.
  2. Mrs. Lee (Rev. Andrew Lee) Pray for Mrs. Lee, and we also thank God for the examination last month, the doctor considered that the pancreatic tumor of the benign internal bifurcation has been growing a little bit, but it is not big enough to have surgery to remove without the risk of impacting other organs, so the doctor recommended to monitor the tumor by MRI in 6 months.
  3. Please pray for the CBOQ Sunday service on March 3rd. We ask the Lord to use that Sunday service to enable us to know more about CBOQ’s mission and future development. We also keep our sister CBOQ churches in prayers as well.


Congregational Needs

  1. Pray for the upcoming EM / YM Retreat “Go Fish” on Feb. 22nd – 24th and that it be a great time of understanding the importance of fishing for people as a congregation.
  2. Pray for our EM prayer meetings on every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7:30PM in room B03 and that people will be encouraged to participate in them.
  3. Pray for our EM Fellowships, Katalyst (High School) and Refresh (Young Adults) as they have EM / YM Retreat and Philia (Junior High) as they have Movie Night on Saturday, February 23rd.
  4. Pray for our sister Grace Chan who is currently battling cancer. May God grant her doctors wisdom to give her the best care.
  5. Continue to pray for those who are feeling sick and those who are going through a tough time in their lives.


Children Ministry   

  1. Pray for our children. May they experience God's love and life transformation.
  2. Pray for those serving in children ministry. May they draw their strength and wisdom from God as they faithfully serve our church families.











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