Library & Literature

For 2017, we serve brothers and sisters by promoting spiritual growth through reading and using media such as CD/VCD/DVD. It is God’s grace that we can serve and thus make the following accomplishments:

  • We held book table once every 2 months. We had an average of 5 books being loaned out through this.
  • On July 1 book sale, we sold or donated hundreds of books and video tapes. We hope brothers and sisters can benefit from these resources.
  • Started in October, we improved our library system to send regular email reminders to the borrowers for returning the material.  This should reduce the loss of material.
  • The user manual for librarians is updated.

Throughout this year, we would like to thank several brothers and sisters who serve as librarians. This shortens the time to release new books and media to others for borrowing. As well, we would like to advertise again that the library catalog is available on church web site (English Ministry -> Ministry -> library & literature) so that brothers and sisters can download for search. In addition to our church library, the Toronto and Markham library also have great resources too!

Objectives for 2018

  • Continue to set up a book table every two months to recommend books.
  • Add new functionalities to the library system to allow for renewals and holding of items.
  • Modernize the way to introduce books and media to brothers and sisters.
  • Encourage brothers and sisters to write up comments about books that they read.  This can provide a personal insight to some books for promotion.  If you are interested to participate, please drop an email to

Library Catalog

PubDate in the library catalog is the date/year this item is being published
RegDate in the library catalog is the date this item is registered in our church library

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